Aug 11, 2009

Allah is watching..

Just remember-Allah is watching you.
If we could get arrested for being a Muslim,
the police have enough evidence to bring us in?
Why is it so hard to tell the truth but yet so easy to tell a lie?
Why are we so sleepy in mosque but right when the prayer is over, we suddenly wake up?
Why is it so hard to talk about Allah but yet so easy to talk about nasty stuff?
Why is it so boring to look at a Islamic Article but yet so easy to look at a nasty one?
Why are the mosque's getting smaller, but yet the dance clubs are getting larger?
Do you give up? Think about it ....

Just remember-Allah is watching you..

4 komentar:

Muhammad Taufiq Bin Zulkefli said...


~najihahfaizahazaman~ said...

salam ziarah. testing2. huhu.
just want to drop by here to say. "nice entry you have"

skdr pkongsian;
mcm mana kite nak sedar yang Allah tu sentiasa memerhatikan kita?

taufiq said...

salam kembali..

ihsan= beramal seperti mana kita melihat Allah atau jika tidak mampu seperti Allah melihat kita

manusia diciptakan oleh Allah dan begitu juga seluruh alam ini..just look up, the sky doesn't have a concrete stand to make sure it does not fall..haha(speaking mcm pndi..) sentiasa ingatkan segala ciptaan dan nikmat dariNYA..:)

~najihahfaizahazaman~ said...

a`a. fikrah yg bagus. boleh jugak aplikasi nih. syukran2..:)

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